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French Drains & Trenches


Benefits Of Installing French Drains

French drains are an ideal drainage system for yards and low lying areas, providing long-term protection from excess groundwater. French drain installation involves digging a shallow trench and lining it with gravel or similar material. Water will then flow through the trench, eventually draining away from the area and preserving its landscape. Some key benefits:

Decorated Water  Drain In The Garden

What To Expect With An Inspection?

We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. We highly recommend having a professional come out and evaluate your property. They may look for:


Our Happy Customers

victoria dart
victoria dart
Jesus was the Tech who came out. Super respectful, took time to explain everything in detail, and corrected previous shoddy work!!! Very pleased!!
Paula Cemino
Paula Cemino
Jackson, Warren, and the crew were awesome! Had several different jobs for them and they took care of all in one day…..tree pruning, tree removal, mulching, adding soil in low areas (including raising sprinklers where needed) and grass seeding the bare spots. Job well done! Highly recommend and will use them again for any future needs!
robert kelly
robert kelly
I had an emergency situation with a broken double check valve in my sprinkler valve box- spewing water into the street. Had to turn off the water to the whole house to stop the leak. No other sprinkler company would come out inside of a week. Streamline scheduled me for the same day and actually arrived three hours earlier than expected (emergency service fee added). It was fixed in just over an hour with courteous professional service, good workmanship and left a clean installation. Could not have asked for better.
Kara Dalton
Kara Dalton
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers
They came out and after a few minutesmade their recommendations. We agreed on work to be done and they returned that afternoon to complete the work. Very efficient service. I counted 7 workers all doing their part. Done in a couple of hours. Hard to see the trenches they dug. We are very happy!
Robert Fowler
Robert Fowler
Spencer and his crew installed a new and extensive French drain, performed additions and repairs to our irrigation system, and installed sod. Spencer was knowledgeable, responsive, and likable! He made sure I was satisfied by making minors adjustments along the way. It’s their busiest time, but he made sure the project was completed in a reasonable timeframe. I highly recommend Streamline!
Candice Williams
Candice Williams
I would highly recommend Streamline Landscaping to anyone who needs their landscaping needs taken care of. They were very responsive to my initial inquiry, and they came out to give me an estimate within days. They were able to fix two broken valves and a leak in my yard quickly and efficiently. The work was done neatly and professionally, and I was very happy with the results.
Michael Shimek
Michael Shimek
A neighborhood landscaper referred me to Spencer at StreamLine Designs to replace a French drain system in our front yard that had been there for more than 20 years and was not draining properly. I gave Spencer a call and he met with me later that same week to review the work I wanted to have done. In addition to replacing the existing French drain, I also asked about tying a separate pool deck drain line and gutter downspout lines into the new drainage system. He provided me with a very reasonable estimate for the work to be done. The crew started their work 2 ½ weeks later and completed it in a total of less than full 2 days, having to stop work for a day due to heavy rain, but testing the lines after all work was completed. The crew was very careful when removing and replacing the grass where the new drain line was installed. The crew also helped fix a sump pump issue by installing a check valve, raising the pump up a bit to make it work better, and tying that into the new drain line as well. Ana, who helped me set up the initial appointment and who I communicated with regarding billing, was also very friendly and professional. I will definitely use StreamLine Designs again if I need to have future drainage work done at my home.
Peter V
Peter V
Spencer and his team installed a custom drainage system for us and also replaced the existing edging. They are prompt and very professional. Their work was excellent! They have earned our trust and we will definitely do business with them again. Thank you again!
Tanya Waymire
Tanya Waymire
We can’t say enough great things about the Streamline Designs team. From team members to owners, they are ‘on it’. Their communication is consistent, their work incredible, and a great value overall. I also love that they are locally owned (not a big chain).

Problems From Improper Installation


Avoid Costly Mistakes During Installation

Clogged System:

If systems aren’t properly installed. Clogging might become a frequent issue. Depending where the system may be clogged, an excavation may be necessary for cleaning.

Wrong Size Pipes:

If the property wasn’t properly evaluated and the wrong size pipes were installed. Existing pipes may need to be replaced if they are not large enough to handle the amount of water that is being drained and wider ones may need to be reinstalled.

Improper Slope:

When installing a new drainage system. A slope of at least a 1% should be attained in systems that rely on gravity alone to move water. If this is not the case, the system may not be able to do its job. In that case, additional equipment may be required such as a Sump Pump.

Ground Level:

Depending on the property and location, there’s different types of systems depending on the requirements. For interior systems, such as basements, a sump pump is typically required to force water away from the home. Only a qualified professional should perform this type of work.


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Frequently Asked Questions Around DFW

What is a French Drain?

In its most basic form, a French Drain is a tool for channeling groundwater in the desired direction. It typically consists of a gravel-filled ditch containing perforated pipe. Contractors frequently wrap the permeable fabric around the pipe to help prevent loose dirt or grit from slipping into the perforations. Water seeps through the gravel and enters the pipe, which relies upon gravity to transport the runoff into a designated channel.

Does a French Drain provide a permanent waterproofing solution?

No. French Drains eventually wear out when soil and plant roots clog the gravel and the pipe perforations. However, a well-maintained French Drain offers a highly cost-effective drainage solution and can last a long time.

Will a French Drain destroy the appearance of my lawn?

No. Homeowners enjoy the variety of landscaping options when they install French Drains. If you’ve suffered damage to your yard because of a broken system or if there are any imperfections after an installation is done. No problem! We also are a full-service landscaping company. The surface of the French Drain may serve as a pathway. In some locations, this site functions as a gravel-filled yard accent. Skilled landscapers incorporate the French Drain into a site so effectively that the improvement actually enhances the appearance of the reality.

Can I still install a French Drain if my yard includes a fence?

Yes. It may become necessary to temporarily remove the fence during French Drain installation in some cases, however. Also, French Drains sometimes appear quite attractive passing beneath fencing.

Will a French Drain prevent seasonal basement flooding?

The effectiveness of a particular French Drain varies on a case by case basis. In some situations, properties which include French Drains eliminate all basement flooding concerns. However, in other circumstances, a French Drain may form only one aspect of a basement waterproofing strategy. The French Drain may simply help reduce the annual volume of water seeping into a basement or a crawl space.

How much will French Drain installation cost?

Many different elements enter into the total cost of a French Drain installation project. Also, some of these factors include the length of the drain, the depth of the drain, the types of drain materials, the length of the project, and the difficulty of digging in a particular location. The only way to get an accurate cost is to have a professional come out and evaluate your property.

How do I determine whether or not my property would benefit from a French Drain?

In most situations, before seeking to install a French Drain, homeowners should request waterproofing inspection. We will visit your home and evaluate the condition of the yard, the basement, and any crawl spaces. Gather information about seasonal conditions (and seasonal flooding, if any) in your location. Also, a waterproofing inspection permits the development of a comprehensive plan to promote adequate yard drainage and to help maintain basements and crawl spaces in a dry, comfortable condition. The best way for you to find out is to let one of our trained professional come out and take a look.


Let The Streamline Professionals Help

Let The Streamline Professionals Help