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Every company's brand needs a marketing partner they can trust. Period.

Social Media Management Services

Every company's brand needs a marketing partner they can trust. Period.

In the dynamic landscape of digital connections, harness the power of our top-tier Social Media Management service to catapult your brand to new heights.

What Is Social Media Management?

Build a Loyal Community Around Your Brand

Your Social Media presence helps increase brand awareness, communicates with your customers, builds trust, gives people a reason to believe in your brand, and generates more sales for your online store.


SMM is all about maintaining your Social Media pages/handles on the platforms which suit your business. Increase the strength of your community by creating and curating content and then posting it. The best part? Posting is free! And with an SMM expert on your side you can drastically boost your organic growth.

Let Modern Manage Your Social Media

🚀 Elevate Your Social Media Presence with Our Comprehensive Management Services! 🌟


In the dynamic landscape of digital connections, harness the power of our top-tier Social Media Management service to catapult your brand to new heights. At Modern Marketing, we understand that an impactful online presence is not just an option, but a strategic necessity in today’s competitive market. Our expert team is dedicated to crafting a bespoke strategy tailored to your brand’s unique identity, ensuring every post, comment, and like resonates authentically with your audience.


With our cutting-edge tools and proven methodologies, we seamlessly navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape, ensuring your brand stays relevant and ahead of the curve. From engaging content creation that sparks conversations to strategic scheduling and performance analytics, our holistic approach is designed to boost your brand’s visibility, foster genuine connections, and drive conversions. 


Let us be your digital architects, building a vibrant and compelling online presence that not only tells your brand story but also translates into tangible results. Ready to transform your social media game? Partner with us and witness the transformative power of strategic social media management!


Our Social Media Management Includes:

  • Industry & competitors research
  • Top notch Social Media strategy
  • Continuous optimization
  • Includes 1 media channels (Facebook and Instagram count as separate channels)
  • $625/mo per additional channel
  • Your Modern Expert will discuss a budget for post-boosting – For best results we usually recommend starting with at least $500/mo

Social Media Calendar

Hands On Management

What Will We Do?


Research & Strategize

Analyzing what worked: Your SMM expert will run a Social Media audit on your accounts and analyze what worked and what didn’t. They will also conduct industry/competitor research. When they’ve completed these steps they will come up with a social media strategy perfectly designed for your business, In the process they’ll answer questions like – what is your voice/messaging and what are the key values you want to highlight.


They will put together a post boosting plan and suggest a budget for it.


They will also plan your comments and inbox responses with an “If-this-then-that” approach.


Finally, they will clearly outline the objectives and goals. This process usually takes 2 weeks


Image/content creation and managing your channels

Creating content: Your Expert will create branded text based content, as well as awesome posts using the visual assets/images you supply.


Managing your accounts: Your Expert is responsible for defining your target audience and making sure your tone/voice are aligned across your brand.


Social Media calendar and response plan: Your Expert will define how your Social Media Presence will respond to different kinds of comments on posts and messages in your inbox. The expert will also provide a Social Media Calendar with the next 2 weeks of posts planned ahead.


Keeping you in the loop: Every month, your Expert will provide you with a detailed performance report from your social media accounts, a list of tasks they’ve performed, their analysis, and suggestions for improving your strategy

Social Media Management FAQs

You will need to provide the pool of assets to work with, including photos of your products.

Your brand book. If you don’t have one, you will need to define the tone of voice and visual language, including fonts and colors.

Video creation is not included

When you’re planning your comments and inbox responses strategy (usually at the Marketing plan meeting), you and the expert will decide how to divide these responsibilities.

Social Media management is about using your online presence to get organic growth.

If you’re interested in paid advertising take a look at our paid advertising package

People don’t always trust brands. They trust the humans behind it. A social media manager responds to comments, starts new conversations, answers questions and reaches out to influencers or potential partners.

When you hire a SMM Expert at Modern you will get access to monthly reports that include the analytics data from each platform, as well as how much traffic is coming back to your website. Not only will this show you what’s working, it will also let you optimise and grow you campaigns.

Organic growth is awesome but it usually needs help.  An additional budget for boosting posts (it depends on a bunch of factors but we’ve seen that it usually starts at $500 a month) can make or break even the best organic campaigns.

Even the best strategies are not perfect out of the gate. Optimization is about analyzing data to learn and continuously improve your marketing efforts.

The meeting starts with a short presentation from your Growth Strategist.

After that, you will meet and get to know your Expert. They will present their initial research into your brand, buyer persona, and relevant audience. They will suggest a boosting budget, outline their strategy, goals, and KPI’s. And finally, align with you on the next steps.

IMPORTANT: The earlier you give the expert access to your accounts the clearer their marketing plan will be.

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