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Step Up Your Game with our Contractor Marketing Program.

We work with companies in every stage of development. From a start-up, to businesses generating millions every month. Below we will show you some of the tools we use when launching campaigns and breakdown what our 3-Phase Process is about.

Building a presence online

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The first step before running a digital marketing campaign is to make sure you look professional and competitive. It’s so important to build a presence online and make sure you’re representing your brand professionally. This video covers how we can help you present your business professionally and help you stand out.

Implementing Local seo

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One of the options available that we will implement early on is Local SEO. This is something that can (and should) be started sooner, rather than later. We’ll develop a keyword strategy for your business, embed those keywords into images from your job portfolio and start to create a radius around your territory.

Launching a direct mail campaign

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Direct Mail is another option that is available while we work on making sure your business is “marketing ready”. We’ll come up with an offer, create a targeted mailing list (Age of home, age of homeowners, household income, type of roof, square footage, equity, etc.) and drive them to a landing page using a QR Code. These lists are valuable and tie into multiple marketing strategies. Such as Email, SMS and retargeting online with digital marketing. These offer a more strategic approach when it comes to Door Knocking as well.

Email & Sms campaigns

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When preparing Direct Mail, we make sure to narrow in on homes that also have their emails and mobile phone numbers listed. This allows you to make sure you’re getting the most out of each campaign and also can provide some level of tracking. It’s important to have a consistent message that’s recognizable and to launch at the right times. Market your campaign through multiple channels and it is great awareness while building up your presence online.

Direct mail & Digital Marketing

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One of the best advantages of starting with a Direct Mail campaign. Is that you can extract the information needed from those mailing lists and also start retargeting them online through Google and/or Facebook. You’ll truly have an effective strategy in place that will not be missed. Consistency is important when it comes to marketing. Being able to get your message in front of your customers both online and offline. Will ensure the best possible outcome.

Testimonial ARK ROOFER

“We just talk all of the time and I’m really comfortable with these guys. I highly recommend Modern Marketing!”

– Luke Secora, Ark Roofer Founder

Testimonial Blue Sky Energy

“Modern Marketing has helped us out TREMENDOUSLY and they will do the same for you!”

– Jarrod, Blue Sky Energy

Phase I

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Phase I is about making sure you’re “marketing ready”. We’ll maintain your website and ensure it’s how it should be. As well as helping you establish a strong presence online before running paid advertising. We’ll start working on your Local SEO, with the option to build some awareness through Direct Mail Marketing. Everything we do will tie into the following phases.


Phase II

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Phase II is about implementing digital marketing once we’ve ensured you’re “marketing ready”. We’ll continue to maintain your website and start retargeting the list of homeowners we established through Direct Mail Marketing. They’ll not only be getting your postcards and flyers. We’ll start targeting them online as well so they are getting hit from multiple angles. We’ll be setting up Landing Pages, Automations and Marketing Funnels.


Phase III

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Phase III is our full service digital marketing package. Everything you need to market your company and build your brand. This package is for clients that have worked their way up from the previous Marketing Phases. Or for more established companies with a defined marketing budget and that are ready to make a switch. We take an aggressive approach and help you cover every possible marketing angle



Our marketing program is designed specifically for helping contractors and other service based businesses grow and build their brands. Our process is effective and it will cover everything you need to quickly grow your business.


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