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Using Modern VS building an in-house team

If your online brand is growing fast, you need a super-talented, and flexible, and results-focused team to help you seize new opportunities and scale confidently.

Building an in-house team isn’t easy

You need to invest weeks of your precious time - and a large chunk of funds - before you get to see any results.

Top talent

  • All of our Marketing Experts and our Partners are independent digital marketers and I.T. Professionals.

  • Our Marketing Experts are given the freedom to run their area’s independently. Keeping them motivated and driven to do well.

  • Modern makes sure you work with only the top-performing industry experts.  

Fast hiring

  • Get unbiased, continuous monitoring of your marketing experts’ work and performance.
  • Multiple factors are checked from testing methodologies, to metrics, and beyond.
  • Your Growth Strategist will give you further suggestions on how to grow.

Full accountability

  • See exactly who is doing what, and where, and when with our Insights Feed.
  • Be on top on your marketing results with clear campaign and channel performance dashboards.
  • Get continuous updates and insights from your Experts and Growth Strategist.

This is how you save time and money when you build your agile marketing team with Modern


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