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Modern Marketing provides quality Marketing Strategy, Marketing Consulting, Business Consulting, Social Media Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Lead Generation, Web Design, CRM, Video Editing, Graphic Design and SEO for small, medium and large businesses. Nationwide and in Arizona.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Let the world's top marketers build the marketing roadmap that will guide you to the perfect results. With this package you will receive a step-by-step, clear, and detailed strategic plan for the next 6 months that will ensure your future growth.

What’s included?

  • Research into your current marketing stack
  • Audience analysis – defining your target market and customer personas
  • Market/competitor analysis
  • Analysis of which marketing channels will work best for you
  • Recommended marketing channels
  • Monthly budget allocation/prioritization per channel (For the next 6 months)
  • Strategy update meeting halfway through the process (if needed)
  • Once the plan is ready, the Growth Strategist will set a meeting where the Expert will present the final marketing strategy

We help  businesses that want to boost their marketing efforts in a more holistic way. Also those who are looking for a digital partner to help establish more growth and strategy.

We ask that you share your estimated marketing budget for the next 6 months, if there are any specific channels you want to utilize, and the define the KPI’s you’re hoping to achieve.

Campaign set up and management

Up to 6 week delivery

About Marketing Strategy

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About Marketing Strategy

There are many types of marketing strategies. 


This package is about strategizing your overall growth. It’s about answering your big questions like: 


  1. What channels will work best for my business? 
  2. How big of a budget should I allocate to marketing?
  3. How should my funnel work? 
  4. What are the high level action items I need to do on each channel and How should I prioritize them?

What Will We Do?

Research & Strategize

Research: Your Expert will research your competitors, find out which keywords people are using in your niche, look into which audiences you should target, review your accounts to understand your marketing strategy so far, understand what the ideal messaging is to get people to click through to your site. 


Strategy: Your Expert will create a marketing plan where they’ll define your overall goals and KPI’s, They will then revise your campaign strategy until it’s perfect.

Set Up & Implementation

Approval: After you approve your Modern Experts marketing plan, you will need to grant them access to all your accounts.



Set up & Implementation: Your Expert will start implementing the process that was  defined in the marketing plan. Depending on the channel this will include, defining Adgroups, setting up your Keyword bids, defining Geo-Targeting, setting up the ads/extensions, Web Development, Email Drips and so on. As well as helping you with your copy that may will needed.

Launch, Maintain & Optimize

At this point your marketing plan will go live and your expert(s) will focus on optimising them through running A/B tests, tracking your Pixel conversions, managing your keyword bids, refining your ad groups, account structure, geo-targeting, and so on. They will also offer recommendations on how to improve your landing pages and creatives to optimise the full funnel.


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