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Frequently Asked Questions


You should be seeing results on a consistent basis, however they will likely come in the form of revenue and progress within the accounts, and not necessarily ROI and ROAS in the short term. A projected timeline will be presented to you in your marketing plan meeting based on your business and industry.

Every business requires some investment upfront to scale. And achieving positive ROI depends on a lot of factors, such as your business model, product, industry, your marketing budget, and more. A detailed roadmap will be presented to you in your marketing plan meeting based on your business and industry, which will show you what you can expect.

Running social media ads (paid advertising) and running social media profiles (organic) are two different types of packages. So if you want Social Media Management, you will need to book a package with a Modern social media expert in your niche.

The easy way to find out is by using Modern CRO Audit tool. If your score is above 50 – you are ready to go! And your Success Strategist will qualify your website and recommend the services you need during your meeting.

5 unique creatives in all the standard sizes is a good start. Your Modern marketing expert will share their specific recommendations in the your marketing plan meeting prior to starting.

The strategy and messaging in the creatives is included, the actual graphics (creatives) are not included. The expert can work with your in house designer, or an additional package can be booked for graphics on a on-demand basis.

If you need help choosing the perfect package to grow your business, contact your Success Strategist today. They will recommend the best package (or combination of packages) to help you scale while sticking within your budget.

We probably have. However that question shouldn’t be a big factor for you. Our process and techniques aren’t suited for any one type of industry. There will always be testing and adjusting no matter who you work with. That’s just part of a marketing process. As long as you’re confident about your product or service. We’re confident we can help.

Constantly Monitoring

No matter which service you choose.

Why Monitoring Is Good For You

It’s a true win-win. For everyone.

As a business owner, you’re already busy. And you already worry. A lot. And as you scale up and get even busier, you want to know you’ve made the right decision in handing over your marketing to an expert.

We don’t want you to sit in your office chair, wondering if the experts you hired are doing a good job. So that’s why we do it for you.

We ensure your brand and your marketing is always on the right track.

You’ll always know exactly how your campaigns are managed, and what’s going on with your KPIs.

How Our Monitoring System Works

Constant monitoring & Full transparency


We define your marketing goals together and a clear path of success

Setup verification

We verify that any work being done on your campaigns follows best practices

Metrics tracking

We track key metrics to ensure budgets are used properly and positive KPIs trend


We notify you of any changes, so you know what is happening at all times

Pro-active adjustments

If a “red flag” is activated, we investigate further and take action to fix it if needed


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