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Stand out in a saturated digital landscape

A custom website design provides you with a trustworthy digital presence that meets your business needs in terms of quality, branding and usability. Leverage custom website design services and leave a positive impression on your page visitors.


We’ll provide thorough reporting & progress showing a steady increase in revenue. We combine PPC, SEOVideo, Automations & Web Design to deliver a strong online presence focused on increasing your ROI.

Why Your Business Needs A Custom Website Design

It takes about 0.05 seconds to capture your audience’s attention and shape their opinion about your brand. Create a unique online experience for your page visitors and strengthen your brand reputation with Modern Marketing’s custom website design services.

Website Design - Modern Marketing

According to a report, 88 percent of U.S. consumers perform online research before making a purchase or visiting a local store. Without a professional custom website design, online shoppers can get easily frustrated. This results in an increased bounce rate, poor online reputation and lower conversion rate.


Don’t let this be the case for your business. Ensure your target customers can find and navigate your website with ease. Invest in a responsive, well-designed and informative website to improve your brand’s profitability and success.

Why Custom Website Design and Development is the Best Option for Your Brand

In this crowded market, a custom website design can be a key differentiator for your business. A custom website design allows you to avoid unnecessary functionalities and bloatware that might reduce its load times. Additionally, no theme restricts you from personalizing the appearance and functionality of a custom designed website.


With a brand-strengthening design, SEO-friendly elements and robust site architecture, custom website design pricing is well worth your investment. Still not convinced that custom website design packages are the better choice for your business?

How We Get Started​

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Web Design FAQs

  1. Your brand book (if you have one one). If you don’t have a brand book the expert will ask you for your desired fonts and color pallet before starting. This will avoid unnecessary revisions and changes.

  2. Your logo (if you have one) on a clear background – preferably both light and dark versions.

  3. Licensed photos of your products (if you have products). We do not offer product photoshoots at this time.

  4. A list of platforms you need the creatives for (Web Design, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Before getting started with Web Design. We ask that you provide references of static ads that you’ve liked/disliked and previous ads you’ve run so we can understand the style you’re going for.

We can work with most of them but suggest talking to one of our Marketing Consultants to make sure. If you have a site and you’re not sure what CMS it’s built with, you can go to https://whatcms.org  and find out.

No, this is exclusively for Web Design. Although that is something we offer upon request. There will still be a monthly fee to host everything on your behalf. But our Expert can help you set those up if you choose to host on your own (you will pay any domain or hosting fees directly to the provider).  

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