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Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Wow your customers with stunning graphic designs and catchy content

What Kind of Graphic Do You Need?

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Premium quality Graphic Design

The Graphic Design package is a supplementary package for our Paid Media package. It’s meant for businesses who don’t have someone in house who can create their creatives. However, if you are in need of just some creative help. We’ll be happy to assist you!


We have the best Graphic Designers & Video Editors around because don’t settle for mediocre work.


Our Graphic Design services are part of our bundled programs. Or you can request a free quote for individual projects.


Any static creatives that are needed, we can take care of. Making sure your business looks top-notch and professional.

Graphic Design Includes:

  • 4 ratios for each creative to make them fit multiple channels ( 1:1 , 16:9, 9:16, 4:5)
  • The Expert will use a combination of the assets you provide as well as royalty-free stock images
  • Guaranteed 7 business day delivery
  • Revisions take 3 business days.
Modern Marketing has the best Graphic Designers in the industry
  1. Your brand book (if you have one one). If you don’t have a brand book the expert will ask you for your desired fonts and color pallet.
  2. Your logo on a clear background – preferably both light and dark versions.
  3. Licensed photos of your products – We do not offer product photoshoots at this time.
  4. A list of platforms you need the creatives for.

We ask that you provide references of static ads that you’ve liked/disliked and previous ads you’ve run so we can understand the style you’re going for.

The meeting will usually be part of your Marketing Plan Meeting for Paid Advertising. 


If not, it will simply be an introduction to your Expert who will ask you questions about your brand/style guide, answer any questions you may have, and align with you on the next steps.

Beautifully crafted creatives

Up to 2 revisions

Modern Marketing has the best Graphic Designers in the industry

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