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CRO — Essential Audit & Performance Enhancement

CRO — Essential Audit & Performance Enhancement

Ensure you are using all the best practices to maximize the revenue from your online traffic, by converting your prospects into paying customers with the power of Conversion Rate Optimization.

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What’s included?

  • Funnel and Competitor analysis
  • Full site analysis and audit
  • A detailed site performance report
  • Strategy to improve your Conversion Rate and achieve quick wins
  • Continuously optimized strategy to improve your Conversion Rate
  • Ongoing A/B testing and optimization

The expert will define which tests to run, tell you what on your site needs to be changed, and be there to assist you every step of the way. That being said, our experts are not web developers or graphic designers and are not responsible for implementing the changes they recommend.

Access to your site, your google analytics credentials, and your Google tag manager credentials.

This is part of our program. We believe in order for us to be efficient at what we do. We can’t limit ourselves. This includes SAAS tools, development, or graphic design changes.

CRO is really difficult to get right and our CRO experts are seasoned professionals who know how to see things that can drastically improve your conversion rate. That being said, you can always try and bootstrap it, and our FREE CRO audit and checklist tool will even help you get started!

Our CRO Essential Audit is geared towards established businesses who have significant traffic and are looking to increase their sales.

The meeting starts with a short presentation from your Growth Strategist.

After that, you will meet and get to know your Expert. They will present their initial research, define goals and KPI’s, explain how they plan to audit your account, ask you questions about what you already have, and finally, align with you on the next steps.

IMPORTANT: The earlier you give the expert access to your accounts the clearer their marketing plan will be.

Full site analysis and audit

Detailed analysis of your 4 main pages

About Conversion Rate Optimization

About Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is the art of getting visitors on your site to take specific actions, like buying a product, adding to cart, downloading a pdf, or subscribing to your email list. In other words, raising your conversion rate.


Most sites don’t live up to their full potential, which results in a bad customer experience and therefore bad conversion rates.


So, do you really know your full conversion funnel? With Modern’s Essential Audit & Implementation we will perform a deep analysis of your assets, find your main pain points, and implement a detailed list of easy wins and long term recommendations to improve your site and drive better conversions.

What Will We Do?

Audit & Strategize

Your Modern Expert will research your competitors and run analyze your user journey, as well as your funnel, pain points, overall user experience/user interface, site copy, creatives, and the responsiveness of your site to mobile. They will test your loading speed, conduct scroll map analysis, heat-map analysis, click map analysis, and make sure Google Analytics is implemented correctly. They will Analyze performance (based on where customers come from), and do an overview analysis of your full site. They will also fully analyze your 4 main pages, after which, they will give you a detailed site performance report, recommend quick wins, and suggest A/B tests to improve your sites CRO.

Implementation and test-roadmap plan

After creating your strategy, our CRO expert will recommend and help you set up any tools you need in order to track different stages of your customer journey. They do this to fill in any missing pieces in the analysis so you can see the full picture, and know exactly how you should test your improvements. This can include site analysis tools, funnel analysis tools, qualitative analysis tools (such as surveys), A/B testing tools, and UX testing tools.


The Expert will continuously update the roadmap, where they will prioritize where they can create the most impact by defining things you can immediately execute, your long term plans, and your A/B tests. They will define performance enhancements, plan and help you execute up to 5 different tests a month (Including A/B tests), conduct deep site analysis using your newly implemented tools, and most importantly, run qualitative tests.


As the process continues you can expect to see more conversions and more sales.


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