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Every company's brand needs a marketing partner they can trust. Period.

A Better Way To Market & Scale Your Business

Every company's brand needs a marketing partner they can trust. Period.

Transparent. Accountable. And great results for great brands. We built Modern to help businesses thrive.

Modern Marketing Strategy

Powered by data (and lots of it)

At Modern, we use data and streamlined processes to optimize every single aspect of your marketing. From the experts you’re paired with to the campaigns they run. We’re here to help you grow your business. Period.

Instead of..

With Modern you get..

We wanted to build a solution to help business owners fulfill their potential.


We're Business Owners

We know the incredible role marketing has in business. We’ve seen great brands scale to amazing heights with good marketing. But we’ve also seen brilliant businesses fail due to bad marketing.


Marketers & IT Professionals

We see great talent and potential in those around us. But so much of that great talent is unfulfilled because it’s not easy to maintain a fully independent work style.

Modern was built with the understanding that the world of work is changing and that marketing is changing rapidly along with it.

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